Arrow Global Entertainment is a global music and entertainment organization affiliate of Creflo Dollar Ministries, which combines Christian musical and entertainment genres, such as jazz, gospel, R&B, pop, and comedy. The vision of Arrow Global Entertainment is to expand the brand of the Arrow Records label.

With continued growth and achievement, Arrow Global Entertainment continues to be a beacon of light as it continues to expand upon the vision to make a mark upon the music and entertainment industry. AGE serves as the umbrella for Arrow Records, Arrow Soul, Arrow Entertainment, and Arrow International to combine music and entertainment that pierces the heart.


Taffi Dollar

Taffi Dollar is the founder and CEO of Arrow Records. She is also a world-renowned author, teacher, and conference speaker, who has won numerous awards for groundbreaking contributions to the music industry.

Alongside her husband, Creflo Dollar, she co-pastors World Changers Church International, World Changers Church-New York, and several satellite churches across the country. As a minister of the Gospel, Taffi has a global influence in both ministry and music. She has served as a guest panelist for the Vibe Music Festival in Atlanta, during which she challenged recording artists and record labels to be fully accountable for the lyrics and images they produce in their music and videos.

Contact: @taffidollar